SME Leadership Summit with John C. Maxwell

What an incredible experience and event. The Sioux Falls Leadership Summit, Powered by SME of Sioux Falls featuring the Legendary John C. Maxwell was phenomenal.
Congratulations to Heather Kittelson on the Rising In Excellence Award, Vance Thompson Vision on the Excellence Award, and our very own Tara Allen for completing a bucket list item!
Just shy of 2 years ago I put it on my bucket list to teach with John as he inspired me to want to change the world while attending one of his speaking trainings. I texted Dianna Kokoszka, another leader who has had a tremendous impact on my life & great friend of Johns’s, that I would be on stage with him with in 2 years & it happened!!! Didn’t know how it was going to happen & when you put it out there & believe it, it happens!! ???❤️ I even brought him his favorite treats, thanks to Dianna & Linda Mckissack for letting me know what that was! ??❤️
John Maxwell and Tara Allen

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