Opening the balloon box

As usual, I thought I had it planned out and under control.

Months from welcoming our second child, Nic and I went to my doctor with an idea for how we would reveal our new baby’s gender.

The doctor wrote the big news down, sealed the envelope, and we took it to a florist. The florist was instructed to fill a wrapped box with either pink or blue balloons.

When it came time for the big moment, we figured who better to announce it than our oldest, Jayda.

So our two-year-old was the only one in the family who knew the news as she peered into the box and exclaimed, “blue!”

My hunch had been confirmed. I just had a sense we would become parents of a boy.

And then pink balloons soared out of the box.

Obviously, we have some work to do teaching colors.

Jayda’s little sister arrives in mid-September (at least, that’s the plan so far!) and we can’t wait to introduce you to the newest member of the Allen Edge Real Estate Team.

Our balloon box story happens in certain ways to many buyers and sellers. You might have thought you’d have trouble finding your dream house before yours sold, and then fate flips things around. You might have always envisioned yourself in a certain neighborhood, or style of house, and sometimes you’re led to new and even better places. Real estate can bring a different surprise every day, especially in a market as tight as ours.

We have been honored to help hundreds of buyers and sellers navigate this exciting yet sometimes crazy experience, and 2016 is shaping up to be our best year ever. We’re excited to use this blog to fill you in on our adventures and give you an up-close look at the changing real estate world.

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