May is National Electrical Safety Month

May is national electrical safety month.  Take this time to check your electrical cords for damage and make sure you're not overloading your home's electric system. Here are a few other helpful tips!

  • Be sure to check your power strips and make sure they're not on overload.  Make sure your power strips have a power surge protector.
  • Cover your unused outlets to prevent small children and pets from accidentally shocking themselves.  Covering unused wall outlets also helps to keep debris and dust from interfering with the sockets. 
  • Check electric cords for fraying or cracking. Replace cords that may be damaged, and don’t overload electric outlets.
  • Never pull an electric plug out of the wall outlet by yanking on the electric cord.
  • Don’t run cords under carpets or rugs and don’t tack or nail cords to walls or floors.
  • Watch for overhead lines every time you use a ladder, work on roofs, trees, or carry long tools or loads. Keep kites, model airplanes, and metallic balloons away from power lines.

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