Kayla’s story: A referral ripple effect

By The Allen Edge Real Estate Team

Kayla and her husband, Todd, knew they needed more space.

“We lived in a house in north Sioux Falls for about seven years and we had a little guy — he’s almost two — so we thought we need a bigger house,” said Kayla, who works for an insurance company.

They started casually looking around, but weren’t sure how to decide on a real estate agent.

“There were so many options in Sioux Falls that you really want to go with someone who’s a good fit and trusted by other people,” Kayla said.

It turns out, she didn’t have to look farther than her sister, Kjerstin.

“She sold her house really quick, and Tara found them a house they loved, so we thought let’s just hire Tara.”

Tara Allen, leader of the Allen Edge Real Estate Team, met with Kayla and Todd and started pre-marketing their house.

“We gave it a big social media boost before it was actually listed and let all the agents know about it,” Tara explained. “And then we put a sign in the yard that an open house was coming soon.”


Next it was on to staging and photography.

“We know that if a home is staged and the pictures are good, you can sell it online first and you’ll get the most amount of people in the house,” Tara said.

The house went on the market on a Sunday in June. The open house was scheduled for Thursday.


But just as they were getting it ready, they started getting offers. They accepted one the day they would have had the open house.

“So we didn’t even have it!” Kayla said. “And especially with a little one with lots of toys, keeping the house clean for four days was hard enough!”

Then Tara helped the family find a house in Tea that was a perfect fit.

“It was just her style,” Tara said. “The paint colors, the finishes, everything she was looking for.”


“She’s like, ‘You guys are going to love it,’ and we were super excited because we did,” Kayla said. “It has a great backyard and more space and three bedrooms on the main level, so our little guy has a toy room and his own room on the main level.”


The whole thing was “a great experience,” Kayla said. “Her and her team made it really smooth and less stress. She just kind of handled everything really flawlessly and it was fun to get to know her.”

In the time since moving in, Kayla has worked with her friend, designer Chelsea Veurink, to give the house a modern look.


While it’s still a work in progress, it’s starting to feel like home. While Kayla enjoys the kitchen, her husband loves his ping pong/workout room.


And when he’s not in his toy room, little Luke usually can be found in the backyard.


And while Kayla found Tara through a referral, she’s now the one doing the referring.

“I had a friend at work who put her house on the market and was debating between two agents and went with Tara because of our experience. She literally sold her house in a day,” Kayla said. “I’ve had other friends looking for houses and I say, ‘Here’s Tara Allen’s card.’ I have no reservations about whether they will like her or she will do a good job. I have 100 percent confidence.”

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