3 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

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When you’re interviewing agents for your next real estate transaction, what questions should you be asking? Here are three important questions to ask in order to ensure the agent you pick is the best one for the job:

1. “How long have you lived in the area?” This gives you an idea of their knowledge of the local area, what there is to do, and where is the best fit for you given your goals.

2. “Do you have a comprehensive vendor list?” An agent with a comprehensive vendor list is likely limiting their list to those they feel confident referring. It makes a great resource for you during and long after your purchase.

3. “Do you have a successful support staff?” A successful agent will often be in the field, showing homes, meeting appraisers, and attending home inspections. It’s important to have support when making sure timelines are met, services are scheduled, documents are going to the correct people on time, and all parties are kept updated.

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